The Legionnaire [Heavy Dueling Saber]

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Features: All sabers come with 12 RGB colors

For Base Lit Smooth Swing Version

1. Realistic movie character sound fonts,more closer to your hero.

2. Huge color range,reach any color you want.

3. Functions: sensitive smooth swing,blaster,saber lock up,color changing,3 sound volume adjustment,3 light effects,9 sound fonts changing.

4. For heavy dueling,sturdy PC blade and high quality metal handle are strong enough to support heavy dueling.

For Xeno Pixel Version

The XenoPixel V2 board is our latest, most cost-effective pixel lightsaber board.

1. Our XenoPixel V2 has vastly improved smooth swing over our RGB-X board, comparable to the best boards on the  market.

2. The board includes a micro SD card, which allows you to add a vast library of sound fonts.

3. An array of new special blade effects make the XenoPixel V2 more versatile than any economy class board on the  market.

4. Special blade modes and effects include Flame Blade, Rainbow Blade, Unstable Blade, Pulse Blade, Blaster Mode, Ghost  Mode, and various preon modes.

5. Some of our classic features mix with new capabilities: the original Color Wheel, volume settings, blaster effect and flash  on impact is now joined with extending and retracting blade effects, dragging blade effect, music player, and motion  controls!

6. XenoPixel V2 features a new firmware upgrade feature - by simply adding a special upgrade file, we will be able to add  new features in the future!

How to awake the saber:

Hold down the button for 1 second to awake the saber and the sound will play,the light ring around the button will illuminate too.

Press the button will turn the blade on and activate sounds and effects after you awake the saber.

Functions and Operations:

When the blade is lit, the power button operates thusly

1. Blaster Deflection - Just tap the button is ok.

2. Saber Lock-Up- Hold 0.5 second,button LED flash 1 time, then release

3. Color Changing:

Rainbow Color - Hold 1 seconds,button LED flash 2 times,then release to cycle rainbow blade colors.

Solid Color - Hold 1.5 seconds,button LED flash 3 times,then release to cycle solid blade colors.

Once a desired color is reached, tap it to set the color.

4. Press the blade off - Hold 2 seconds and button LED flash 4 times.

5. Select Sound Volume - Holding the power button down for 0.5 seconds,button LED flash 1 time, while the blade is off, but still in wake mode,let go of the button will select sound volume

6. Light Effects - Holding the power button down for 1 seconds,button LED flash 2 time, while the blade is off, but still in wake mode,will select a new light effects(stable,unstable,and pulse available)

7. Sound Fonts Select- Holding the power button down for 1.5 seconds,button LED flash 3 time,while the blade is off,but still in wake mode,will select a new sound fonts.(4sets available)

Saber Sleep

Holding 10 seconds to make the saber sleep. If the saber sits idle for 10 minutes it will also enter deep sleep again